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Upcycled dolls - my favourite list of upcyclers

I love upcycling. Upcycled dolls are so nice, custom, one of a kind, great gifts... Now I want to show you my favourite list of upcyclers. They make beautiful unique upcycled dolls, they can be perfect Christmas gift or Birthday gift for girls, young ladies or dolls collectors... 

Welcome in my dreamy reality. 

OOAK dolls, especially Blythe and Pullip dolls, they are a little unrealistic, with beautiful and famous faces and clothes. Their big eyes can change the colour and you can find them in Etsy shop HERE.

Nr. 2 Tree change dolls 
Sonia Singh from Australia make lovely upcycled dolls from Bratz dolls, she is my great inspiration. Sonia makes lovely "girl faces" and clothes, she sell also patterns and guides how to upcycle dolls. Her dolls are awesome, with cute faces, really nice Christmas gift for young ladies. Her products are here. You will love them. 

Nr. 3 Noel Cruz dolls
This guy is a God of upcycling, he change dolls of movie characters into a realistic appearance. You can find his wok in instagram or facebook page.

Nr. 4 I am Loved dolls
Upcycled Bratz, Disney and Monster High dolls with lovely faces. Find them here. So realistic cute faces and nice dress. I love them so much. 

And that's it today. Hope you have beautiful autumn... Kisses adn stay creative. 


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