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How to crochet - Fingerless gloves - háčkovanie

Autumn - colder weather, shorter days, yellow leaves, roasted chesnuts and fingerless gloves ... What we need, or what I used: - yarn - colorful Schachenmayr Bravo Color Originals, machine washable 100% acrylic - a hook 3.5mm - a pair of scissors and darning needle

How to create - Stitch markers - - háčkovanie

Hello crafters,  today I'll show you, how to make your own unique stitch marker for crochet or knitting projects. I prepared this short video tutorial. Be careful when you work with pliers and wire. 

How to crochet - Rattle from ends of yarn and more inspirations - háčkovanie

Ends of yarn don't belong into the trash.  NEVER MORE .  Collect them by the type and colours in jars. Mix just matching types. It's worth it. Tie them together - does't matter how long they are - you can use very short pieces as long as they are long enough to tie together.

How to crochet - Tic Tac Toe - háčkovanie

"Here comes the sun little darlin' Here comes the sun I say: It's all right..." Sunday morning - just a little sunny, little cold, and full of hungry kittens - yes, we are still in the countryside. Oh God, you made it well. Thanks. Yesterday I've made new crochet project - tic tac toe - do you remember that game? I loved it. So, I prepared video tutorial again :). I guess it's easy tutorial for beginner or pre - intermediate crocheters.

Homemade beef burgers

Time spent in the countryside brings new suggestions. It's a great time full of new inspirations, projects and posts :). More days like these... It's rainy day, and that's perfect time for making new tutorial  "Burger party" from yesterday. We are coming with full recipe for homemade sesame buns and great beef burgers and cool quick video.

How to crochet - Heart 2D & Rose flower 3D appliqué - háčkovanie

Beautiful sunny Friday crochet lovers. We are in the countryside, I love the time spent here. I prepared two pieces of short videos for you - How to crochet - hearts and flowers - appliqués for bags, hats, winter coats and baby blankets. I don't have good light conditions, so please, be patient with these tutorials :).

How to crochet - Cord holder headphones organizer - háčkovanie

Easy way to organize your headphones or charger - cord holder - DIY project. What we need: - soft yarn - a hook - a pair of scissors - blutn sewing needle - big button

How to crochet - Teddy Bear amigurumi - háčkovanie

Hi guys, handmade crochet lovers, I have FREE video tutorial for you again, yaaay... Little Teddy Bear with write collar. Amigurumi toy. Step by step video tutorial - great for pre- intermediate crocheters. English subtitles.