Sunday, 18 September 2016

How to crochet - Tic Tac Toe - háčkovanie

"Here comes the sun little darlin'
Here comes the sun
I say:
It's all right..."

Sunday morning - just a little sunny, little cold, and full of hungry kittens - yes, we are still in the countryside. Oh God, you made it well. Thanks.

Yesterday I've made new crochet project - tic tac toe - do you remember that game? I loved it. So, I prepared video tutorial again :). I guess it's easy tutorial for beginner or pre - intermediate crocheters.

What we need:
- 4 colours of yarn - I used baby milk cotton bamboo yarn from
- a hook - I used 3.5mm - use appropriate hook 
- a pair of scissors and darning needle

Oh, I need to share with you - I know new english word - darning needle :), I called it blunt sewing needle. 

What we need to know:
- chain CH
- magic circle MC
- single crochet SC
- double crochet DC
- increasing
- sewing together or crochet together
- finish work with slip stitch SL ST
- hide ends of the yarn

What we need to make:
- 9 granny squares
- sew them together
- five buttons one colour
- five buttons differnet colour

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