Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to crochet - Fingerless gloves - háčkovanie

Autumn - colder weather, shorter days, yellow leaves, roasted chesnuts and fingerless gloves...

What we need, or what I used:
- yarn - colorful Schachenmayr Bravo Color Originals, machine washable 100% acrylic
- a hook 3.5mm
- a pair of scissors and darning needle


1 row            36 foundation single crochet FSC and slip stitch SL ST together - make a circle

- if you don't know how to make FSC click here - there is a video tutorial for another project - go to 0:29 and watch how to crochet FSC
- you can crochet chain 36  CH36 and put it together, but it's easier with FSC

2 - 4 row         36 single crochet SC

5 - 12 row         CH2 and 36 double crochet DC - at the end of the circle make SL ST

13 row            CH2 + CH6, then skip 6 loops and make SL ST CH2 and crochet 30DC - at the end make SL ST into the second loop from forst chain 2

14 row            CH2 and 36 DC - make  6 of them into the CH6 one DC in one loop
- now we made thumb hole - SL ST at the end

15 row            CH2 - 36DC - SL ST

16 row            CH2 - 36DC - SL ST

17 row            36 SL ST and finish your work

Make the same for second glove, and you are done :).

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