Saturday, 17 September 2016

Homemade beef burgers

Time spent in the countryside brings new suggestions. It's a great time full of new inspirations, projects and posts :). More days like these... It's rainy day, and that's perfect time for making new tutorial  "Burger party" from yesterday. We are coming with full recipe for homemade sesame buns and great beef burgers and cool quick video.

So, can we start now? Yes, we can!

Sesame buns:
- 100ml warm (no hot) milk
- 1/2 tea spoon (ts) sugar
- 20g yeast
Stir together well and leave for 10 minutes.

- 1 egg
- 100ml milk
- 40g butter
- 1ts salt
- 500g flour
Blend it by hands  for 8 minutes. Make nice dough, leave it for 90 minutes under a cloth.

Make 6 pieces of buns, leave them for 30 minutes on a baking pan (on a baking paper) under the cloth

- 1 egg yolk
- sesame
Brush egg yolk on buns and sprinkle with sesame.

Bake for 10 minutes at 190°C.

- 6oog beef
You can buy minced meat or grind it at home, we made it with our old grinder, that was really hard work.

- 1ts salt
- 1/2 black pepper
Blend it with the meat by hand. Make 6 pieces of burgers. Make dimples into the middle of each burger with your thumb and grill them well.

- ketchup
- cheese
- tomato
- salad
Chop veggies, prepare ketchup and cheese and we can start adding ingredients.

- bottom part of the bun
- ketchup
- beef
- cheese
- onion
- tomato
- salad
- top of the bun

Bon appetit!

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