Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to crochet - Barefoot sandals - háčkovanie

Hi guys, 
how are you today? My headache is here for TWO long days, oh... BUT.. I made video tutorial for YOU "how to crochet barefoot sandals" yeeeey... Great handmade project for last summer days - it's really quick - I made a pair of barefoot sandals in one an hour. It's really quick tutorial for pre - intermediate crocheters or better beginners.

What we need:
- thin acrylic yarn in nice summer colour, I have light turquiose, I guess, that's great summer colour, but you can use yellow or pink..., it will be certainly beautiful. 
- a hook 3.0mm
- a pair of scissors
- sewing blunt needle
- two plastic rings, you can use wooden rings or plastic rings from plastic PET bottles
- two beads

And here is video tutorial - subtitles in english, but you don't need to understand, you will see everything in this video. Cool... If you like this tutorial, like, comment and share it please :).

Barefoot sandals in our Etsy shop - find them here.


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