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About us

A crocheler - noun: traveler who loves crocheting, crocheter who loves traveling. That's me.
A crocheler - noun: traveler who loves crocheting, crocheter who loves traveling.  That's me.

Our Etsy shop is here.

... my name is yw and my family has small gift (souvenir) shop in our "little big" city Bratislava Slovakia. 

History of Me 
I was born in Slovakia, and grew up here. I studied Physiotherapy and at the end of it I found "THIS IS NOT ENOUGH". I do love physiotherapy, but I just don't want to be doing it... 
My life ways were winding (or wandering). I love to travel; traveling is a life style, a chance to see many different places, people and stories; traveling is passion. For part of my life I lived in Scotland (Aberdeen) - I love this famous rainy country. Such green grass and hairy cows...  and many lovely and helpful people.

Last year, my friends and I were in MEXICO. Oh my God - this is different world - sun, sun, sun and more sun, smiles and hugs, lots of them really. I love Mexico.
So, now I know, the best place for life is where you fall in love with ... something you fall in love with ❤. You can live anywhere, but you need ONE thing (person, view, pub, weather, passion etc) and you can stay there, love that place and say "this is my Home". 

My life now
My job is a "girl for everything" in our souvenir and gift shop... But what I do and REALLY love, is my "Creative time" when I create everything what you can see at my Etsy shop, or in our store in Bratislava (called Red Bench Souvenirs), and many more things that are not made for sale.
I meet lots of tourists, travellers, discoverers and explorers. They have one common feature. They love UNIQUE handmade PRODUCTS. 

I love drawing, painting, digital media drawing, metal stamping and wood burning. I make dreamcatchers and many many more item... Sometimes I upcycle old dolls...
But my special love is CROCHETING. 

Jump to the past and back
When I was a little girl, my grandma taught me how to crochet. Long ago I bought my first own crochet hook and tried to make my first something (I don't remember what was it). Then I made a second and a third "something" and the next and next one... And I fell in love with crochet. Hi, I am Yw. I am a crochet ADDICT . 

Marek is my best friend ever, my love, my support. He makes everything around me and I can do everything around our little shop. Also he is Designer of some our products and my coworker. He is my very "need to have" person.

Our Etsy shop "The ordinary diary" is focused on CROCHETED items, mainly CROCHET KITS, but not only, we love everything about PERSONALISED gifts - pocket mirrors, badges or magnets, memorable things and much more... 

Crochet KITS - learn how to crochet, because crocheting is for EVERYBODY - from beginners to experts, and what is absolutely famous about these crochet kits? You can travel with them. Yeeeeey... You will love them, you'll see :). 
Our first product line is - everything about CROCHET - kits, patterns, accessories and supplies. And unique handmade gifts.  
Our second product line is - knitting and crochet stitch markers, beads and knitting & crochet components, tools, supplies, jewelry components and supplies.... 

Please, come in ❤ and WELCOME. 
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The ordinary diary team.

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