the ordinary diary: Autumn creations

Monday, 7 November 2016

Autumn creations

 October was full of craft time. I love that time... My life quote for better mood is this: "When is outside no good weather, make some craft and feel better."

 Bamboo crochet hooks with lovely unique beaded tops in our Etsy shop

 Beaded removable stitch markers for crocheters or knitters, unique and beautiful beaded stitch markers could be great gift for crochet or knitting lovers... 

 Or these adorable yarn skein stitch markers - removable - so great for any project - crocheters or knitters supply - yellow set is made from handdyed yarn by Black Elephant. She makes beautiful colour combinations. Love them.

Crochet patterns, kits and toys - turquoise tiny teddy and sheep are my last creations - now I'm working on pink versions :)

And upcycled dolls - change dolls or custom dolls made from Bratz dolls, I was inspired a few years ago by Tree change dolls - Sonia Singh makes beautiful dolls from "too much makeup" dolls, to "like a girl" dolls and I love this changes... So here are my creations... I guess they are really cute now - handmade crochet dress are also my work...

And that's it for this time... 
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Thank you guys...
Have a nice week, autumn and this "before Christmas" time

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