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Monday, 22 August 2016

Upcycled dolls - made from Bratz dolls

Hi guys, 
these are my upcycled dolls - "Like a girl" look. I love this handmade project. It's fun and cool. How to make these dolls? You can find my video tutorial here.

Dolls are washed, clean and disinfected, removed make up, handpainted new face, new hairstyle and they have new handmade dress - crochet or sewing - and yes, they have new handmade shoes.

You can find most them in our Etsy shop

This is Simona - Simona is travel doll, great road trip in Bruges, Brusels, Antwerp and Amsterdam was awesome for Simona. Simona has crocheted sweater and hat with lovely buttons, original pants - jeans and leather shoes. Now she is SOLD OUT :)

Amy was my first upcycled Bratz doll - I love her new look, she is like a new girl in town... I hope she has new friends now. She is also SOLD OUT.

This is Lisa, Lisa is lovely girl in nice dress and handmade shoes from fleece. And she has socks :). Lisa had very dirty original dress and her face was drawn with a marker. But now she is really pretty little girl. And she is stil FOR SALE :).

Nicol and Betty - look at these girls, they are like twins - almost :). Betty - in brown dress and Nicol in crochet top and original jeans pants, both of them have handmade leather shoes. Still in our Etsy shop :).

Linda - look at her face - she is adorable, isn't she? Linda was in good condition, and she had nice original top, so I don't change it :) You can find her in our shop HERE.

And last doll for this article is Monica - monica was in very very bad condition and her face was drawn with permanent marker, that was really bad, but now - she is lovely, nice and pretty little girl, and she is SOLD OUT. I hope, her new friends love her.

I made more upcycled dolls, you can find all of them in our Etsy shop, and new dolls coming soon :). This is our Etsy shop . You are welcome - come in.

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