the ordinary diary: Great time for happiness

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Great time for happiness

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Every single day is time to happiness. Celebrate anytime.
Somebody said, "You can't buy happiness." - yes, that's true.
Happiness is inside you.  Happiness is a feeling.  Happiness is your personal view.
Happiness is your CHOICE.

You can make something, more then feelings, choices or views. You can buy something beautiful. Something what do you need or you don't. Something what do you really want, just because of you WANT, or what do you think, wants your mother, or your best friend...
Something small, OR something huge. 
Yes, choose happiness for your life, look at all your situations with love in your heart. This is happiness. And much more... This is the way, how to make your friends and family happy. Show them, how to do it and do it together.
When you choose happiness you create happiness, multiply happiness...  It's awesome, isn't it?
Happiness is like a huge wave - surf on it.  Be happy, buy something nice. 
You can find a little piece of happiness here - great Etsy shops full of love, happiness and lovely gifts... 
Share your happiness - make more happiness.

My favourites on Etsy with links (just click on it)

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forevermorebouquet Etsy shop
SammyKinsCards Etsy shop
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Made by Black Elephant Etsy shop
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CuterThanAButton Etsy Shop
Ali'sEmbroidery Etsy shop
Roisin&Robin Etsy shop
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